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What We Do

A Unique Blend of IT and Management Consulting

We built our firm to integrate both information technology and management consulting.  We have always recognized that information technology is a continual source of powerful new tools.  

But in order to apply these tools to complex organizations, one must understand the "people" side of business—management consulting.  

We approach this mission in a way that sets us apart in the marketplace and has enabled us to build a track record of more than 1,000 successfully delivered projects.

Advanced Service Offerings

Princeton Consultants develops solutions that transform companies and industries.  We've earned our reputation as the "go-to" firm  for mission-critical projects that improve core operations and processes.  Our core services are:

  • Business Strategy - We help our clients uncover the key leverage points that will drive the next round of their growth and success
  • Process Design - We assist our clients in the analysis, documentation, and improvement of their core business processes
  • Software Development - We build world-class customized software in the latest environments (like Java and Microsoft.NET) to provide a competitive advantage for our clients
  • Custom Optimization - We are a recognized leader in developing and applying the most advanced mathematical modeling and special software to real-world business environments 
  • Project Management - We help our clients define specific projects with high business benefits, and provide the skill, expertise, and experience to manage the work to successful completion

The Highest Caliber of Clients

Our clients span industries, size, and geography. Some are Fortune 500 companies while others are smaller, rapidly growing ventures.

How We Differ from other Consulting Firms

Since our founding in 1980, we have established long-term relationships with our clients based on our ability to help them in the full project lifecycle, from vision through implementation.  In contrast, most strategy firms focus on formulating recommendations, but see implementation as a messy detail item that is beneath them.  On the other hand, technology companies often see technology as the main catalyst of change, and consider strategic planning to be a one-time, up-front exercise before the real action starts.

At Princeton Consultants, you will experience the power of combining the two halves into a stronger whole. You will help create projects that are driven from a strategic, best-practices viewpoint, and powered with the latest and greatest in IT.