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SWAN: the Four Attributes We Value

We look for people who are Smart, Work Hard, Ambitious and Nice.  We are proud of the fact that our consultants are not only great thinkers, but nice people.  Our clients, consultants and candidates frequently point to our people as our greatest asset.  We agree.  

We have found that a SWAN is best suited for the demands, challenges and rewards of our firm.  If this acronym aligns with your strong points, we think that Princeton Consultants may be the satisfying and stimulating work enviroment you're seeking.

A Pattern of Achievement

In joining Princeton Consultants, you'll work with team members who typically demonstrate these traits:

  • A lifetime pattern of achievement, integrity, hard work
    and character
  • A desire to explore new ideas and create an impact
  • A preference for working within small, collegial
    and productive teams
  • A need to see a project through to implementation
    in the real world 

Opportunity for Advancement

Our firm's functional structure is quite flat.  Leadership roles are determined by critical expertise--not by hierarchy.  Whoever has the skills and knowledge to lead a project will do so.  Every member of our staff has the opportunity to interact directly with our clients.

Promotions in our firm are based exclusively on experience and skill level as demonstrated on projects for clients. Our 360-­‐degree interview process is a thoughtful, fair, and constructive vehicle for analyzing your current level of skill, and what you can improve to progress to the next level.

Upon promotion to senior staff, professionals share in the top­‐line revenues of our firm.  Each of our Officers, Directors and Senior Consultants joined Princeton Consultants as an Associate or Analyst, and has worked their way up in the firm, earning positions of respect with our staff and our clients.