We perform ongoing systems integration and IT project management, and build and deploy mission-critical, large-scale operational systems, as well as custom solutions to assist executive decision making..

Custom Software Development

We are proud of our long track record in designing and implementing new-generation custom solutions, some of which become deployed industry-wide.


  • We offer SATS, a robust simulation tool that improves and substantially automates rail system testing, and is the preferred testing solution for hundreds of engineers, managers and designers at Class I railroads, global engineering companies, and signal system design firms.
  • We offer COSMA, an onboard monitoring system which constantly monitors the health of a locomotive’s Positive Train Control and communications systems, and conducts software and hardware diagnostics.
  • We developed and support Pegasus™, the dominant TMS used by all Class I railroads offering door-to-door intermodal service.
  • For North America’s largest owner and manager of rail cars, we developed the landmark system to track and distribute more than 30 different fleets for loading, shop and storage.
  • We created a wayside status relay service to help ensure the timely transmission of wayside status messages between the WIU and the locomotive, as required by PTC.

QA and Testing

We advise testing strategy and improve execution by developing custom solutions and using off-the-shelf QA platforms.


  • Development of OptiTester™, an analysis and reporting tool that improves PTC testing and change control processes through better usage of application lifecycle management (ALM) software.
  • Defect management transformation, which resulted in a robust process for tracking, correcting and closing issues.
  • Testing strategy evaluation and set of recommendations for a Class I railroad.

Systems Integration

For rail systems roll-outs, we serve as systems integrator, working closely with business and technical stakeholders and vendors to ensure successful systems delivery. Our work extends into system design, testing and operational procedures.


  • PTC systems integrator for a Class I railroad, which has entailed in part a single point of failure analysis, participation in the ITC reliability study, and a failure mode analysis of the complete system.
  • Systems integrator for the modernization of a Class I railroad’s dispatch network, which included business and technical requirements development, platform scenarios and options assessment, and recommendations that accounted for costs, benefits, risks, robustness and other considerations. 

Project Management

Based on a methodology that emphasizes proactivity, speed and small teams, we help deliver major rail IT projects on time and on budget, while enhancing quality.


  • Creation and execution of the project management office for a Class I railroad to kick off and shepherd a critical safety initiative.
  • Management of a highly complex, multi-vendor, dispatch network transformation at a Class I railroad, which included balancing an integrated schedule, supervising vendors to ensure contract fulfillment, and prioritizing deliverables.

Requirements & Process Analysis

For new mission-critical rail systems, we define and interrelate requirements, and design new processes such as testing and defect management.


  • Analysis for a Class I railroad’s new terminal management system, which included developing and documenting requirements, and building relationships between requirements
  • PTC-related analysis that entailed change management, requirements-based testing and defect management at a Class I railroad.

Vendor Analysis

We conduct detailed evaluations of candidate rail systems and how they map to corresponding business processes.


  • Created detailed business, technical and installation requirements for a terminal operating system at a Class I railroad, and conducted the vendor analysis.
  • Assessment for a Class I railroad regarding the purchase and integration of a terminal operating system.
  • Evaluation of a stalled implementation of a critical dispatching system at a Class I railroad, including competitor analysis and a recommended roadmap.

IT Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning

We blend IT and management consulting to conduct rigorous DR/BCP planning for organizations and for large-scale systems.


  • Development of a disaster recovery plan for a complex dispatching system for a Class I railroad, which featured a custom interactive tool to evaluate technical failure scenarios at levels of component or location.
  • Analysis of a PTC system’s high-availability architecture to ensure uninterrupted service.